PANA Finest 100% Pure Kolinsky Nail Brush with Clear Oval Crimped Acrylic Handle Size 6 - Use to Create Flawless Manicures & Pedicures

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PANA Kolinsky Nail Brush with Oval Crimped Clear Acrylic Handle

Size 6
Length: 7.71 inches
Brush Tip: 0.79 x 0.23 inches

• Kolinsky bristles have a softness, flexibility that gives artists great
control over the product
• Lightweight high quality clear acrylic handle with silver ferrule
• Short handle allows the technician to work closer to the nail for greater
• Ensures your acrylic products go on easily, smoothly and consistently so you
can maintain control and sculpt with the precision you need
• Features a large belly that tapers to a fine point making it capable of bold
strokes that can cover large areas, yet can also render fine lines and details

Cleaning & Maintenance:
• Soak bristles only in liquid monomer or brush cleaner. Do not use acetone.
• When storing brushes, always keep aired and in an upright position. Keep out
of direct sunlight.

• More sizes and color options in our store page!

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